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Jur 1 year ago
This idea is not much different than the Slave Masters had when they implemented Share Cropping Whereas the slaves were paid with points documented on a piece of paper which could only be redeemed at a slave master store. rent and utilities were deducted from their pay as well. This is a tried, tested and failed idea. in this case the slave master is the government DO YOU WISH TO BE A SLAVE. then vote for Socialism, if you wish for freedom, fight like hell against Socialism
Gojas 1 year ago
that had to be the most horrendous acting i've ever fucking seen. i literally got drier watching this go on. my vagina just sucked the moisture back up every time she widened her eyes too much.
Salabar 1 year ago
I've got some too and I'd display them to you any time
Samunris 1 year ago
Wow, that is intence
Moogujinn 1 year ago
Same, but I do a chunk of my shopping on Black Friday. : )